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Why Chart

Why do we call our company Chart Wealth Management? 

Chart alludes to maps, map-making, cartography, and the use of maps.  Maps have been around since possibly the 7th millennium BCE.  They have helped with the discovery of new lands, and expertise in cartography once created empires.

The ability to create new maps, and to utilize them for navigation, was once revered.  We now have incredibly detailed maps available in our pockets, along with a soothing voice to help us navigate.

Maps were once used to circumnavigate the globe, cross mountains, and even find treasure.  We use them everyday to get to a new restaurant, or avoid traffic.

While the technology, availability, and usage has changed greatly, maps (or charts) are used more than ever.  The key is that each one of us is using a map for a different purpose.  You might want to locate your hotel while driving your rental car from the airport, while I want to find the hottest food truck in my area, which is at a new location every day.  We can look at the exact same map, and take different routes to different goals.

Financial planning has taken a similar tract.  New technology has given similar information to nearly everyone.  The aim now is to help you take that information, and get where you want to go.

That's where we come in.  We don't create the maps.  Chart Wealth Management wants to help you by first understanding where you want to go, then choosing the right maps, reading them correctly, and helping you get there.

We know there will be traffic, construction, potholes, road closures, express lanes, highways, one-ways, dirt roads, etc.  We hope to help you plan your route, while allowing for all the potential re-routing - both good and bad - along the way.

Please contact us, and let's start the conversation about your route to your goals.