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Services for Business Owners

Buy-Sell Planning

Your Buy-Sell Agreement may be the most important and versatile document relating to your business. If you have one, we help you evaluate its language and relevance to your current structure. We will help identify any shortfalls, and provide the funding mechanisms necessary to make the agreement useful.

Succession and Exit Planning

With most of your wealth tied up in the illiquid asset that is your business, we will help find ways for you to eventually exit according to your goals. Whether selling to family, employees, or to a third-party, we will help with the design of the strategies for an efficient liquidity event and transition.

Estate and Retirement Planning

We strive to help everyone prepare for retirement. This includes the creation and management of 401(k) and pension plans for employees, executives, and owners. We also help you plan for retirement in a way that you can walk away from the business and maintain your lifestyle.

Executive Protection and Compensation

Your key managers and executives are so important to the value you’ve built in the business. We help you design ways to protect the business against the loss of a key employee, while also creating deferred compensation plans, which give those vital executives the incentive to stay with you for years.

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