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Complex Financial Situations

You might come to us because you feel overwhelmed by your financial situation, including one or more of the following:

  • Business ownership/ Multiple entities
  • Outside investments
  • Real Estate
  • Trusts
  • Divorce
  • Oil and Gas Royalties
  • Inheritance
  • Foreign Domicile or Business

We help by first identifying how all the parts fit together.  We then advise and help implement strategies so all the parts can work better together toward achieving your goals...and helping you sleep better.

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We work with families to provide holistic financial planning based on goals and values. Our planning services and products include retirement, protection, investment management, and legacy and charitable planning.

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Our Services

We provide financial planning, retirement planning, insurance and investment services to business owners, executives, and families.

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Business Owners  

We help business owners with succession, retirement, and estate planning for themselves and their families. This includes 401(k) management, buy-sell funding, key-person protection, and executive compensation.

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Sounds like something from Greenpeace, or the United Way, or a member of Congress. However, we have just as much reason to think we can make the world better.

When we help business owners create and implement a succession plan, we are helping that wealth stay in the family. That wealth can be invested in the company to grow jobs, in education for several generations of family members, or graciously donated to the community.

When we help families and companies plan for unfortunate circumstances, such as premature death or disability, we help people stay employed, and help grieving family members maintain their lifestyles, and their dignity.

When we help business owners and executives plan for retirement, we help give confidence as they march into that phase of their lives. They can worry less about the company, or the markets, and spend more time with friends and family.

When we help people plan their charitable endeavors, much-needed funds are allocated to help house the homeless, cure disease, and comfort the less fortunate. We also help establish a family legacy of giving that transcends the donated dollars.

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